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The type of foundation repairs that we do is not limited to injecting epoxy or injecting polyurethane foam into foundation cracks.

Blockade has made an investment in education and equipment related to foundation repair that provides us with a unique place in our market.

Blockade will provide all services including engineering. Engineered drawing are particularly required when constructing or replacing ICF or PWF (Permanent Wood Foundations) construction. For those who are not familiar with PWF, it is a process used to provide an in ground foundation for new construction or fortifying a concrete basement using certified wood in a designed process that will allow for this wood to be framed, waterproofed, properly supported and then backfilled. The problems that arise, like all types of processes is when the builder is unaware or has cut corners and not followed the correct process for the conditions in which the particular foundation is built.

One of the biggest failures we find is poor practices and protection when applying water and damp proofing. Many times we uncover a wall that has been damage by sharp objects found in the back fill combined with sunken backfill that allows ground water to be directed at the structure.

It cannot be said enough, that only filling a crack in a foundation that leaks is not correcting the cause and sets the structure up for failure in the future.

What many people don’t realize it that cause and effect are not the same.

The cause is what made the foundation crack and start leaking, Many times fixing the cause will stop the leak but you would be advised to repair the crack at the same time as there are many other reasons to seal a crack from the outside soils. The effect is that the foundation leaks and fixing the leak does not fix that cause.

Blockade does not discourage clients from doing what they can afford to help fix a problem but know that a warranty is only limited to the product and no respectable company will warranty items outside their control including expansive soils, poor grading and common freeze thaw causes. Please call Blockade at 780-453-8960 so we can provide you with a solution that fits your budget and gives you permanent peace of mind.

We would like to introduce ourselves and offer our experience and service.

We have specialize in the renovations and repair of foundations. Using a number of innovative Branded systems designed for our climate by Blockade Foundation Repair TM.

We are Provincial Certified Tradesmen

Accredited BBB A+ Members (Better Business Bureau)

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