Leaking Basement

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Leaking Basement

Why do foundations fail and what makes a good repair... good.

If you have been reading through our site you will already have discovered that there is no one cause for concrete, wood or other types of foundations to fail.

Water leaking in can be the result of several possible conditions. We understand that not all budgets allow owners to do everything all at once. The priority is typically to stop the water from entering the home.

Many times an exterior repair does correct the cause of the leak allowing us to permanently repair a crack.

Interior VS Exterior Repairs

If a client is interested in repairing a leak.

Stopping water now... a simple interior repair can be done. This does nothing to dealing with the forces that created the problem and many times by not dealing with the cause the future holds little for the integretiy of the foundation. Most products today used to seal up a foundation crack are stronger than the concrete and if a second failure happens it will happen in a location other than the repaired area.

There really is no one virsus the other when it comes to interior or exterior repair. Ultimately they are all part of dealing with the same problem.

The photo below visually expresses the logic why interior and exterior repairs compliment each other.

The crack on the foundation has happend for a combination of reasons.

The repair requires us to stop water, cold air, insects and rodents from entering the basement.

Using a combination of materials which included urethane foam, carbon fibre and an epoxy grout on the inteior and and exterior of the foundation a permenant solution resulted in meeting all the perameters.